About Moxi Moxi

   Brown Sugar With Tea, Have A Wonderful Daily Life In Tainan  

Hope you can focus on the taste of brown sugar
and feel the daily life in Tainan.


Select GUANSHAN Brown Sugar strictly, following the ancient method, boil with Longan wood, the unique fragrance greeting the nose.
Sweet after taste in your mouth, just like the best footnote for leisurely life in Tainan.


The poem that lives with Brown Sugar is Tea and Fresh Milk.

The craftsman's ingredients MOXIMOXI selected which is from Japan and Taiwan:
Japanese MARUKYU KOYAMAEN Matcha from Uji, Japanese Baked Tea (Hojicha)  from  Shizuoka-ken, Taiwanese Black Tea from Nantou Sun Moon Lake , Fresh Milk delivered straight from the dairy farm. 

With the simple and pure local flavor, you can enjoy the spirit of confidence from MOXIMOXI drinks.


In addition to the appearance of life, daily of Tainan is more deeply rooted in history.
The neighborhood where MOXIMOXI is located was called "the cow mill" in the past.
It was named after the cow herd dragging the stone grinder in many sugar mills.


"哞"(MO) stands for cattle, "熹"(XI) stands for promising,
We look forward to reminiscence of old Tainan through brown sugar desserts,
and letting the landscape of cow herd buried in history reappear.

MOXIMOXI is not only selling a drink, but also lots of memories that we share of this land.